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Creating Scenes

There are two ways we go about this.

  1. Copy and paste an existing scene and edit it(I suggest this).

  2. Create a scene from scratch(see below).

Creating a Scene from Scratch

  1. Click on the "Tile Map" tab next to "Console." This is where you store artwork to be used in the background/tile map.

  2. Click the drop down that says "Create New Palette." Name it onboarding, store it in the assets folder for now. These will be stored in the prefab folder(which doesn't exist in this branch). We have one for every scene.

  3. Start dragging art from the artwork folder into the empty tilemap. Each file you drag will ask you to make a tile. These are what unity uses to create the background.

  4. When you have enough tiles, use the paint with active brush tool (B) to add them to the scene. Click on the "scene" tab next to "game" at the top of the bottom left window. Drag your mouse over the art element you want to add in the tile map. Then click to add it to the scene. Make sure you have the "background game object selected. To see what the scene looks like. Switch back to the "game" tab or click on the "Main Camera" Object.

This step is super finicky. It just takes some practice to get used to.